We will explain what we can do and how you enjoy with our service.

Normally buying and owning a car in Japan needs

  1. Residential visa (short term/long term/temporary/permanent) and
  2. Japanese address.

However, how about foreigners who do not live in Japan but would like to buy and keep their cars in Japan as for investments, collecting or private use when visiting Japan.

We can help you! We will support you from being your representative when buying the car and keep it in Japan under our service plans.

We will provide Japanese address and parking space when buying the car under your name.

Car ownership is still yours, but we will be your representative afterwards as we will be the one who manage car insurance procedures and tax related payment every year. With our support,

You will not need to worry about documents problems and complex procedures from buying to keeping your precious super car in Japan anymore.

at parking

We use official car dealer service to maintain your car.

we gona manage all problems (car tax .car insurance. document work and more )

Car wash and wax and put gasoline

Car wash in side and out side

We can bring your car to your hotel or airport or anyplace you want.

we can bring your special car to any place

We can pick you up at airport with anytype of car

We can prepare best Hotel and best Michelin reataurant in japan

Michelin sushi reataurant IWA ginza

We coordinate many things for super star in the world.

Before you leave a car to us. We check all of car.

check a car at hotel or anyplace you want
we take care all you need.

Maintenance Service

We check Battery condition once per month

Check oil once per month

Turn on engine once per month

Tire pressure check once per month

We will send you photo and video Vehicle condition report once per month

24 hour entry and exit from parking service.

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