Online Second Opinion Services
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1 All medical departments OK!

By collaborating with Medifellow, we have built strong networks with high-class hospitals and doctors, so we can support not only in specific fields such as cancer but we can also support for all medical departments except cosmetic plastic surgery. You can discuss and get a second opinion from doctor in Japan while staying safe at home. This is the first totally coordinated second opinion service in Japan.
In addition to our online second opinion service, in case that you would like to take medical treatment or get medical examination in Japan, we can also help you with the required preparations such as arrangement for air-tickets, accommodations, interpreters, and translators. We can provide total supports for all range of services.

2 Fast and Easy

We support via chat platform such as Line, WhatsApp and Viber 24 hours, so customers can consult with us any time and any where.

3 Support from specialized hospitals and doctors under strict quality control

Our services are supported by Medifellow’s specialized hospitals and doctors under strict quality control in order to provide the best practical services with high values for our customers.

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Flow of the service

① Get medical examine by yourself and obtain a referral letter from your doctor. Then send us the document online.

② Fill in the application form and sign the consent form before receiving the service.

③ After receiving all required documents and application, we will coordinate with suitable hospitals and doctors based on their speciality. Then we will send you responses from the doctor respectively.

④ In case further documents or more specific medical conditions are required, we will discuss and help you prepare everything with full supports.